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Hi Steve,

I do not use OCLC WMS and do not know how it treats content. Is it possible that SFX treats the print and electronic versions as the same item but WMS treats them as different items?

It would be interesting to compare the title lists to see how the two lists overlap and how they differ.




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I'm managing SFX as well as the OCLC WMS KB. I don't intend to open the can of worms of: why have more than one? So...If you are in a similar situation to mine, and have insights about the following common scenario, I'd love to hear your perspective.

KB #1 has a particular collection. KB #2 has the same collection. Yet the number of individual titles within each varies wildly. Here's a specific example: SFX has a target for EBSCOHOST_PSYCBOOKS that has 2,183 portfolios. The same thing in OCLC WMS KB (called a collection, with title, EBSCOhost PsycBOOKS) has 4,021 titles in it.

If the source for each KB is a vendor feed of some sort, isn't it logical to expect the numbers to be somewhat close? But they frequently aren't. I'm not sure there is a ready solution to the problem but I'm wanting to at least have a better grasp of the possible reasons for these discrepancies.



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