[Eril-l] EBSCOhost Holdings data question

Adele Fitzgerald afitzgerald2 at sjcny.edu
Thu Oct 22 12:51:33 PDT 2015

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the Holdings data in

I am trying to get a number for the amount of electronic journals that we
provide access to. This is in response to a request from our Institutional
Research department who is compiling a common data set. Without going into
too much detail, I cannot replicate last year's numbers. Not that they
should be the same, but I cannot get a grasp on what I am looking at to at
least back my way in to some number that looks reasonable. To the best of
my knowledge we haven't added any significant quantity of eresources

Within the EBSCOhost admin area on the Overview page I have one number for
titles under holdings. But if I download the spreadsheet for holdings
(which includes journals, books, newsletters, and more) I get a number that
is 145% higher than the number shown on the Overview. If I dedupe this I
come pretty close to the Overview number, but I am just guessing. If I sort
by the journal category and pull out just journals I also get a number that
is close, but is no longer close after deduping.

Last year this information was pulled by my predecessor, and I have a
printed out screenshot from what I believe is the A-to-Z admin area, and
the number is identified as "Unique Resources". I no longer see anything on
the Overview page that says "Unique Resources".  We recently migrated from
the EBSCO A-to-Z to the new Full Text Finder/Publication Finder.  So, I
cannot go back into the same admin interface, and I am concerned that I am
not comparing apples and apples anymore.

The folks at EBSCO are investigating, but I was just curious if anyone was
questioning any of these things.

Thanks in advance,
Adele Fitzgerald
Electronic Resources Librarian @ Callahan Library

St. Joseph's College
25 Audubon Avenue
Patchogue, NY 11772
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