[Eril-l] looking for group wisdom on Patron Driven Acquisition: limiting by publisher

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Hi Mary,

We used our existing collection profile as our PDA profile.   The profile is based on LC ranges and also non-subject parameters including publisher.  This was more expedient than creating a new profile just for PDA, although we did add additional price caps to the PDA profile.  Our library service provider YBP applies our profile to create our PDA pool, which is very helpful.

I do agree that you should weigh your time against any potential cost savings or prevention of the occasional “inappropriate” PDA acquisition.   Even librarians make “mistakes” in selecting, and with PDA you know at least one patron actually used the book.

(FYI, I have authored a LITA Guide “Getting Started with Demand-Driven Acquisitions for E-Books” that will be coming out in January.)

-- Theresa

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When we first started doing PDA for electronic books, we didn't limit on publishers. After seeing some titles we would never have purchased, I put in limits by publisher. Then I realized that the actual uses of non-academic titles was so minimal, that it didn't really matter; the total cost of these titles was tiny in proportion to the whole. I have left the publisher limit, but some titles still come through that we would not have ever purchased in print. It's just not enough to worry about. I guess that would be my advice; is it enough to warrant spending your time analyzing? If so, then publisher is an easy way to start.

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Sorry if this isn't the best place to ask this question, please let me know if I should post elsewhere...

Can anyone share their philosophy/advice on including publishers in their PDA collection?
We've had some rude shocks seeing what is available in our new PDA collection.  We're wondering whether to exclude publishers from the entire PDA profile, or perhaps to include publishers in certain call number ranges, but not in others (e.g. our clinical nursing section)

We're a community college, so we need some intro-level books, but reliability is key to us.

If this becomes an interesting discussion, I'm happy to collect responses and share them.

Thanks all!
- Mary

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