[Eril-l] Cochrane Library: citation export problem?

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Hi Ranti,

Yes. Looks okay on our instance of EZproxy. We have a slightly modified Wiley-Cochrane stanza that follows directly after the Wiley Online Library stanza. Looks like there was a minor update July 2023. I need to add a host to the following stanza, e.,g. https://revman.cochrane.org (but we don't have access to that resource) and DJ wiley.com is already included on Wiley Online Library's stanza so would be redundant here. Got to add NeverProxy https://login.cochrane.org and NeverProxy https://training-noproxy.cochrane.org
I added two Find/Replace couplets to fix errors reaching the odd DOI (https://dx.doi.org/ is deprecated and should be replaced by https://doi.org/  and the last example was to fix a coding error, http://10 is not the correct path). I made a lot of the legacy hostnames H rather than HJ as they should just redirect to the SPU.

#Option DomainCookieOnly
Title Cochrane Library  (updated 20221003)
# must appear below the Wiley Online Library stanza 2018-03-28 Option DCO removed DB 2020-11-19
# http://www.mrw.interscience.wiley.com/cochrane/cochrane_search_fs.html redirects to https://www.cochranelibrary.com
# http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/cochranelibrary/search/quick redirects to https://www.cochranelibrary.com/advanced-search
# Must register under a direct connection as reCaptcha loses context via ezproxy, is possible to sign in once registered though db 2022-10-03
URL https://www.cochranelibrary.com/
HJ https://www.cochranelibrary.com
HJ https://archie.cochrane.org
H http://cochrane.org
H https://cochrane.org
H http://cochraneclinicalanswers.com
H http://cochranejournalclub.com
H http://cochranelearning.com
H http://cochranelibrary.com
H https://cochranelibrary.com
H http://cochranelibrary-wiley.com
H https://cochranelibrary-wiley.com
H http://colloquium.cochrane.org
HJ https://colloquium.cochrane.org
H http://community.cochrane.org
HJ https://community.cochrane.org
H http://consumers.cochrane.org
HJ https://consumers.cochrane.org
H http://handbook.cochrane.org
H https://handbook.cochrane.org
H http://thecochranelibrary.com
H https://thecochranelibrary.com
H http://training.cochrane.org
HJ https://training.cochrane.org
H http://www.cochrane.org
HJ https://www.cochrane.org
H http://www.cochraneclinicalanswers.com
H http://www.cochranejournalclub.com
H http://www.cochranelearning.com
H http://www.cochranelibrary.com
H http://www.thecochranelibrary.com
H http://www.wileyhealthlearning.com
HJ https://www.wileyhealthlearning.com
H http://www2.cochrane.org
H https://www2.cochrane.org
DJ cochrane.org
DJ cochraneclinicalanswers.com
DJ cochranejournalclub.com
DJ cochranelibrary.com
DJ cochranelibrary-wiley.com
DJ thecochranelibrary.com
DJ wileyhealthlearning.com
Neverproxy https://static.cochrane.org
NeverProxy https://static.test.cochrane.org
Neverproxy http://static.cochrane.org
NeverProxy http://static.test.cochrane.org
Neverproxy https://data.cochrane.org
Neverproxy http://data.cochrane.org
NeverProxy https://data.test.cochrane.org
NeverProxy http://data.test.cochrane.org
Find https://account.cochrane.org/oauth2/
Replace https://^Saccount.cochrane.org^/oauth2/
Find Referer: https://account.cochrane.org/oauth2/
Replace Referer: https://^Saccount.cochrane.org^/oauth2/
#new F/R directives fix submenus 2018-08-08
Find https://cochranelibrary#x2e;com
Replace https://^scochranelibrary.com^
Find https://cochranelibrary-wiley#x2e;com
Replace https://^scochranelibrary-wiley.com^
Find https://thecochranelibrary#x2e;com
Replace https://^sthecochranelibrary.com^
Find https://www.cochranelibrary.com
Replace https://^swww.cochranelibrary.com^
Find href="http://dx.doi.org/
Replace href="https://doi.org/
Find href="http://10
Replace href="https://doi.org/10
#Option Cookie


Kind regards,
Dom Benson
Research Outputs Visibility Manager, Open Research & Rights Office
Library Services, Student & Academic Services Directorate
Brunel University London 

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Hi All,

If you subscribe to the Cochrane Library, could you please see if you can export the citations, with and without ezproxy access?

We're seeing either a running circle and nothing happened, or a failed message (screenshots attached). I first thought it was due to the EZProxy setting, but when I tested the citation export while on-campus, I still see the same error. 

I'm curious if this is a widespread problem or only happens at my institution.

Thank you.

Ranti Junus, Systems/E-resources Librarian Michigan State University Libraries East Lansing, MI 48824

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