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Thanks for the mention Seth. Yes, theIPregistry.org is going from strength-to-strength. There are approx. 9,000 subscribing organisations worldwide now registered and using us to communicate IP address updates to content vendors. Many agents are now also using theIPregistry.org to updates IPs on behalf of their customers and our forthcoming integration with BioOne will see the number of publishers and vendors using theIPregistry.org data increase to over 250!

Please get in touch at admin at theIPregistry.org<http://admin@theipregistry.org/> if you'd like to know more.

Kind regards,
Debbie Wilton
Director, Marketing and Library Liaison
Email: debbie at PSIregistry.org<mailto:debbie at PSIregistry.org>

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Hi Sabrina,

Our library used RedLink previously, I'm pretty sure they're no longer in business as of 2020-21.  We had tried them for their usage stat gathering and dashboard service.  As I recall they were purchased by a larger company (Atyphon, I think?) and then shut down due to budget cuts.

You may want to look into the IP Registry (https://theipregistry.org/) which is free and works with a large number of major library content providers.  Some now use them as default instead of having staff to update IPs.


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We are interested in exploring the services of RedLink Network as a potential means to more efficiently provide IP address updates to our vendors. We have tried signing up via their website, but have not heard back. Are they still in business?

If other libraries are using this service,  would you be able to provide a reliable contact? Also, what is your assessment of the value they provide?

Appreciate any insight you can provide.

Thank you,

RedLink Network, a public benefit company, launches free IP registry service, adds new member to Advisory Council

August 2, 2016 - Westborough, MA - RedLink Network launches a unique, free, community-driven IP registry service to advance secure, reliable access to subscription content; Howard Ratner, Executive Director, CHORUS, joins library, publishing, and technology leaders on Advisory Council.

Last week, RedLink Network, a newly formed public benefit company, announced the launch of its free IP registry service for libraries and publishers to help them deliver secure access to subscribed content more reliably and efficiently.

As a free service, RedLink Network invites rapid adoption among librarians and publishers to make IP-based authentication more efficient and secure. Thousands of libraries and hundreds of publishers are ready to be validated in RedLink Network, which also supports consortial hierarchies, link resolvers, Shibboleth, and branding elements for publishers and institutions.

Kent Anderson, CEO of RedLink Network, said, "RedLink Network offers both libraries and publishers a simple, secure, and free solution to current, inefficient workflows for managing updates to their access information, from IPs to link resolvers.  The current approach - which often includes spreadsheets and emails - has a lot of delays and gaps in it, which can create spikes in turn-aways to subscribed content and gaps in usage data, especially when IP addresses change suddenly."

"With rapid adoption, librarians and publishers will find greater efficiencies.  They need only enter and validate IP ranges with access details in one place. Once on RedLink Network, our secured hub broadcasts that information only to the partners they trust," Anderson added.

RedLink also announced that Howard Ratner, Executive Director, CHORUS, has recently joined the RedLink Network Advisory Council, which helps guide RedLink Network as a public benefit company. Ratner joins a strong group of librarians, publishers, and technologists already on the RedLink Network Advisory Council.

"RedLink Network takes a sensible approach to workflow and security, with two-factor authentication and information sharing in a trusted network. Librarians and publishers face common challenges around organizational identity management. Innovations like RedLink Network are vital to helping the industry adapt to a rapidly changing landscape." commented Ratner. "Technical approaches that foster use of open standards and collaboration across all stakeholders represent the most promising ways to overcome our mutual infrastructure challenges." Ratner continued.

About RedLink Network - RedLink Network is a public benefit company that offers the free RedLink Network service.  The service connects libraries and academic publishers so both can maintain access to subscribed content for their mutual customers, manage and share data in a secure and trusted network, and work together to make technology work better for research communications.  For more information, visit www.redlinknetwork.org<http://www.redlinknetwork.org/>.

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