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Good afternoon,

It is with great pleasure that the Library of Congress announces the 10th edition of its Recommended Formats Statement (RFS)<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs?loclr=blogsig>. The RFS supports a structured methodology to assess the viability of digital formats within both a global and institutional context. These efforts are part of the Library's strategy<https://www.loc.gov/acq/devpol/Digital%20Collections%20Strategy%20Overview_final.pdf> to collect and engage fully with the breadth of digital creative works.

In this 2023-2024 edition, there are notable changes to a few of the content categories, especially Software and Video Games<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/software-videogames.html?loclr=blogsig> and Web Archives<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/webarchives.html?loclr=blogsig>, as well as some changes in file formats included for Still Image Works<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/stillimg.html?loclr=blogsig> and Design and 3D<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/design3D.html?loclr=blogsig>. Following the lead of the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI)<https://www.digitizationguidelines.gov/>, the RFS now uses the term master/primary rather than the term master, except for where master is part of a format's formal name or an industry standard use.

Also new this year the format evaluation matrix has an added focus on options for access through the Library's systems including support on the Library's public website, loc.gov<https://loc.gov/?loclr=blogsig> (as well as for Stacks, an onsite-only system for accessing restricted digital content). The outcome of this analytical structure are clearer definitions of 'Preferred' and 'Acceptable' when categorizing digital file formats in the RFS. (The updated evaluation matrix with sample data<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/LC-RFS-FormatEvaluationMatrixTemplate_2023.xlsx> is available for download. A full list of all changes is shared in the Change Log<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/RFS-ChangeLog-2023.pdf> available on the RFS home page.)

Your comments remain crucial to the ongoing improvements and success of the RFS. To simplify that feedback process to a single point of contact: rfs at loc.gov<mailto:rfs at loc.gov>. Comments are still welcome to specific content team leaders<https://www.loc.gov/preservation/resources/rfs/contacts.html?loclr=blogsig> but the rfs at loc.gov<mailto:rfs at loc.gov> address will route queries to the appropriate parties.

Mary Champagne she/her
Electronic Resources Coordinator
Collection Development Office
202.707.1965 | mcham at loc.gov<mailto:mcham at loc.gov>


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