[Eril-l] Hosting options for a spreadsheet dataset that can be authenticated?

Goddard, Matthew [LIB] mgoddard at iastate.edu
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Hi Tina,

We faced this dilemma at my previous institution and while we didn’t come up with the perfect solution, we did find something that served our specific needs at that time. Unfortunately, it fills all your criteria but (a), as it depends on EZProxy. But it may help others on the list who are wondering about this, so I’ll throw it out there all the same.

There is a directory of the EZProxy server that can only be accessed by logged in users. We put the datasets there, as well as a basic HTML homepage that described the terms of use and linked to the data. This was self-hosted EZProxy; I am not sure whether it’s also an option for hosted EZProxy.

Now that I’m at an OpenAthens institution myself, I’d be very interested to hear if you find a good solution.


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Hi all,

We're getting demand for data sets as collection materials, something new for us. Our current challenge is a place to host a spreadsheet that can
a) be authenticated with OpenAthens,
b) handle Excel,
c) permits downloads and
d) not add a recurring cost (or a very minimal one.)

We don't have a data depository and our IR can't readily handle authentication of the type needed.

So far, we've contacted a couple of our video vendors who can/might host local content but they can't fulfill all the above criteria.

Has anyone found a hosting option for datasets that sounds like a good fit?

Please feel free to respond to the listserv or privately at my UCF address below.

Best regards,

Tina Herman Buck
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