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*Core Web Course: Fundamentals of Metadata Session 5.0*

*September 25 - November 3, 2023*


This 6-week course is an introduction to fundamental concepts of metadata,

·         Similarities and differences between cataloging and metadata;

·         Descriptive, technical, and administrative metadata schema;

·         Content standards and controlled vocabularies;

·         Approaches to metadata creation and transformation;

·         Metadata project design.

*2023 Sessions:*

Click on a date range to register for that session.

   - Session 1: January 16 - February 24
   - Session 2: March 13 - April 21
   - Session 3: May 1 - June 9
   - Session 4: July 24 - September 1
   - Session 5: September 25 - November 3

*Format: *

Students receive login instructions one week prior to the course start
date.  Students have 24/7 access to the course site for the four-week
period, and aside from assignment and quiz deadlines, the course may be
completed at their own pace.  Instructors provide guidance and feedback as
students work their way through the course material.  Weekly,
instructor-moderated chat sessions are the only live course events that
students are asked to attend.

*Weekly Chat Schedule:*

The following times are tentative and may change according to instructor

   - Week 1: Wednesday at 1:00 pm CT
   - Week 2: Tuesday at 12:00 noon CT
   - Week 3: Tuesday at 11:00 am CT
   - Week 4: Thursday at 2:00 pm CT

*Learning Outcomes:*

At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

   - Understand different types of metadata, content standards, and
   controlled vocabularies and their fit for purpose;
   - Describe content using a metadata schema, content standard, and
   controlled vocabulary of their choice;
   - Understand reasons and methods for metadata transformation;
   - Design a metadata project based on real-world scenarios that are
   provided in the course materials.

*Who Should Attend:*

This is a fundamentals course that will appeal to anyone interested in the
topic with no previous experience.


   - *Katherine Collins *is the Head of Resource Acquisitions at University
   of Pittsburgh.
   - *Michael Fernandez* is the Electronic Resources Acquisitions Librarian
   at Yale University Library.
   - *Anita Foster* is the Electronic Resources Officer at Ohio State
   University Libraries.
   - *Moon Kim* is the Acquisitions Librarian at Ohio State University.
   - *Erika Ripley* is the Head of Resource Acquisitions and Management at
   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


   - Core Members: $165.11;
   - ALA Member Price: $188.10;
   - Non Member Price: $209.00.

Registration fees are in U.S. dollars.

*How to Register:*

Register for session 1 online

*Register by mail*
 using the print registration form. Tip: If you’re unable to open this
“register by mail” link, right-click the link and save the form to your

For registration questions, call 1-800-545-2433 to speak to our customer
service representatives.

*Registration Deadline:*

Registration for each course is limited to 25 people. For courses that are
not sold out, online and fax registration ends at 12 noon CT on the Monday
before the course begins. Mailed registration forms must be postmarked by
two Mondays prior to the course start date.

*Core Code of Conduct:*

Please review our Statement of Conduct
<http://www.ala.org/alcts/alcts-statement-conduct> before registering.

*Tech Requirements:*

A Moodle-developed site is composed of self-paced modules with facilitated
interaction led by the instructors. There are predetermined start and end
dates and a suggested pace which include interaction with the instructors
and your classmates. Students regularly use the forum and chat room
functions to facilitate their class participation. Section quizzes are
offered and feedback given, however, there is no final class grade.

The course website will be open for 1 week prior to the start date for
students to have access to Moodle instructions and set their browser
correctly. It will remain open 1 week after the end date for students to
complete any sections and submit the course evaluation survey.


·         Contact Hours - 16 hours

·         Core defines contact hours in line with the IACET standards
on Continuing
Education Units

·         Certificates of completion are sent upon successful completion
(passing score of 70% or higher) of the course.


For questions about registration, contact ALA Registration by calling
1-800-545-2433 or email registration at ala.org.

For all other questions or comments related to this course, please contact
tferren at ala.org.

**Posted on behalf of the Core Continuing Education Committee.**


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