[Eril-l] Alma Analytics question: data similar to the Q19 report?

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Sun Jan 16 06:26:57 PST 2022

Hello ERL-L:

  My apologies if this question is off-topic or very basic, but the Alma Analytics system is so complex, I would like to find out if someone else has already invented this wheel.

  We used to have SFX, and I get misty-eyed thinking about how easy it was to get statistical reports out of SFX. Now our OpenURL server is part of Alma, and we have to craft queries in Alma Analytics for data.

  In SFX, there was a pre-built statistical report called Query 19. It reported every serial title in the knowledgebase and how many times someone clicked through the OpenURL link to get to the journal. Because we had loaded into a dummy collection serials we held in paper or microfilm, the report included all titles regardless of format. When it came time to cut the budget, that data could help us cut paper subscriptions as well as online titles for which the vendor would not supply COUNTER data.

  Does anyone know of a query in Alma Analytics (or a few queries, one for electronic, one for tangible formats, etc.) that would report on clickthrough data that is similar to the SFX Q19 data? If so, could you please send along how you built the query?

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