[Eril-l] Primary Research Group Inc. has published Academic Library Benchmarks 2022-23 Edition, ISBN 979-8-88517-071-0

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Primary Research Group Inc. has published Academic Library Benchmarks
2022-23 Edition, ISBN 979-8-88517-071-0

The study presents detailed benchmarking data from 55 academic libraries
detailing their recovery from the pandemic, its continuing impact, and
their spending plans for content/materials, staff and salaries, and much
more. The report also looks closely at how the new inflationary environment
is impacting libraries and how it is affecting their spending on salaries
and materials.

The report has a great deal of highly specific benchmark data enabling its
end users to find and deploy detailed metrics. Some of the data points
included are number of visitors to the library pre and post the intensive
phase of the pandemic; use of various communications programs such as Zoom,
WebEx. Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and many others; current policies
on masking and social distancing compared to policies in the most intense
phase of the pandemic; percentage of librarian time spent working remotely;
trends in personnel budgets and salaries, including recent and expected
changes in librarian salaries; hiring plans; budgets and nature of changes
in budget allocations; economic outlook for the parent organization;
economic outlook for the library; recent and expected spending on content
and then specific data for particular content forms: print books, eBooks,
print journals, ejournals, databases, audio visual spending, magazines and
newspapers;  recent and expected spending on interlibrary loan operations –
and more.

To foster benchmarking, data is broken out by library staff size, school
enrollment, college type, tuition level, and for public and private
colleges. Open ended questions explore issues such as:

Just  a few of this 106-page report’s many findings are that:

• Spending by public colleges for online information is expected to
increase by 4.21% in nominal terms in the 2022-23 academic and fiscal year.

• Nearly 42% of academic libraries sampled used Microsoft Teams with usage
higher among research-oriented institutions.

• More than 69% of libraries sampled plan to spend more on eBooks in
2022-23 than they did in the 2021-22 academic year.

• The median nominal increase in academic library salaries in the 2021-22
academic year was 2%. Outliers drove the mean considerably higher.

• 14.55% of libraries sampled plan to spend approximately the same on
inter-library loan this year as last year.

For a table of contents, the questionnaire and an excerpt – view the
product page for this report at:
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