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You have to search and find any books that they have included. Then send them an email. At this point they say that it can take up to 72 hours to process the request. Perspectives will vary on whether 72 hours is quick removal.


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I got a message from Internet Archive responding to this. Their blog post is at You can read our new blog post here: http://blog.archive.org/2020/03/30/internet-archive-responds-why-we-released-the-national-emergency-library/<https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/blog.archive.org/2020/03/30/internet-archive-responds-why-we-released-the-national-emergency-library/__;!!C5qS4YX3!SUfF6X-vX4dXQhvBO0k89jbcp3xMTXQO21TFjpJCrmFobiyhUMWMAA7DFXEZ0o5VEA$>

They claim the authors’ ad publishers message is “full of falsehoods” and that any author can opt out and have their material removed quickly.

I don’t know the truth but wanted to make sure both sides are heard.


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Has anyone changed their minds about linking to the Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library in light of this? https://www.authorsguild.org/industry-advocacy/internet-archives-uncontrolled-digital-lending/<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/www.authorsguild.org/industry-advocacy/internet-archives-uncontrolled-digital-lending/__;!!C5qS4YX3!TlK_gPLYqQHIuKrmsyHQzrCfjXwZOfj9B9zi6DUkmq-CDAeelRV5v6Ns-aghw4rGwg$>
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