[Eril-l] database accessibility

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It's not quite worksheet/checklist but Appendix B of this report lists criteria to test,


The research was done as part of a plan to create a tool to allow staff to assess the accessibility of library eresources across Ontario (Canada) college libraries and share the responses. I was involved at the beginning but moved libraries so I am unsure of the current state of this project.

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We do not have one, but what a great idea. I hope people will share with the list. Thanks!

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Hi all,

In order to help provide our staff some opportunities to work from home, I was hoping to pull together some kind of checklist or worksheet to have them evaluate database accessibility. It was a project I was planning to work on this summer.

Instead of recreating the wheel I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone already had anything that they are using and would be willing to share. If you do, please send it my way. Thank you!

Hope all of you are doing well!

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