[Eril-l] Follow up on Kanopy - we went with the capped PDA model

Diane Westerfield dwesterfield at coloradocollege.edu
Mon Mar 2 15:32:42 PST 2020

Hi everyone,

I figured I would update you all on what happened after I posted to ERIL some months ago. A Kanopy sales rep got in touch with me and we started negotiating. Between the negotiations, more discussions among the librarians here, and an attempt with Criterion streaming (too limited), we decided to go with the capped PDA model.

For our college and its accelerated timeframe<https://www.coloradocollege.edu/basics/blockplan/>, mediated access is highly undesirable. Students take one class at a time for 3 ½ weeks; a missed day on the Block Plan is like missing several days in a normal semester. The Block Plan encourages a “fly by the seat of your pants” mode of existence here. Faculty often don’t have the time to plan ahead for mediated access or for DVD checkout/AV setup. Students need instant access to everything.

We have signed a one year license for 2020 and have been invoiced for the year, rather than the monthly PDA installments. Pricing is confidential – I will say it’s not an insignificant amount, but less than our general trajectory on the monthly invoices. 2021 may be a much higher price based on our usage this year, so we have effectively kicked the can down the road. I’m fully aware we may have just delayed the pain of having to go mediated.

How can we afford this? We’ve been more intentional in cancelling underused resources these past few years and can potentially absorb the cost. Also by treating Kanopy as a regular database subscription, we are able to cushion the blow to the library budget through the magic (?) of prepay accounting. With the monthly PDA invoices, we were paying them in full rather than doing prepay accounting.

Folks struggling with Kanopy, I suggest you contact them and see what you can work out. They can tell you about their model of paying film producers. I believe they’re working on enhancements to the administration account where you may be able to turn film producers on and off for your institution.

I’m still maintaining the current list of triggered licenses on LibGuides. Library staff are aware of this list and I know at least one person is making use of it to watch films from home. (Staff are also making use of the local public library’s Kanopy account.)

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