[Eril-l] how do you manage admin site log ins?

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We have a Word manual for this info. When we got Innovative's ERM (some time ago), it didn't seem to make the job of storing and accessing this information any easier so we've stuck with the Word doc approach.

If it were just the URL and login info, that would be one thing. But it seems like you have to have notes for lots of vendors to record stuff like whether the site has a logo image, linkresolver, etc. Also notes about usage stats. It can be hard for an ERM vendor to build a record to store all the stuff you want, whereas Word and Excel are blank slates.

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How do you manage admin site log ins?

I use Excel, which is kind of crude, but simple. I include the vendor or publisher, title (if single or just a few journals from one publisher), admin URL, username, password and any note for miscellaneous information.

I'm just looking for other, maybe better, ideas. Several people here need to access this information if I or the Periodicals Assistant are not here, so I don't want to make it too confusing for others outside of e-resources.



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