[Eril-l] Deadline for 2019 NASIG Early Bird Registration extended to Friday, May 10th

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Mon May 6 12:09:05 PDT 2019

Friday, May 10 is the last day for [ Early Bird Registration ]( http://www.nasig.org/site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpage_menu=700&pk_association_webpage=15020 ) for the 2019 NASIG Annual Conference. Join us from June 5-8 in Pittsburgh!  Get ready for a great [ opening session ]( http://www.nasig.org/site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpage_menu=700&pk_association_webpage=16052 ), along with fantastic [ preconference ]( http://www.nasig.org/site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpage_menu=700&pk_association_webpage=15942 ) and [ conference sessions ]( https://nasig2019.sched.com/ ).  Our [ vision speakers ]( https://nasig.wordpress.com/2018/12/21/vision-speakers-for-the-2019-nasig-annual-conference/ ) are always a highlight of the conference.  You will bond with others during the conference and can participate in the [ NASIG Fun Run ]( http://www.nasig.org/site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpage_menu=700&pk_association_webpage=5899 ), dine-arounds and more! 
[ Register TODAY ]( http://www.nasig.org/site_event_detail.cfm?pk_association_event=18027 )! Please log in to your NASIG account to receive the member rate. Not a member? [ Join now ]( http://www.nasig.org/site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpage_menu=309&pk_association_webpage=1168 ) and get the discounted rate!
Any questions, please check out the[  FAQ ]( http://www.nasig.org/site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpage_menu=700&pk_association_webpage=15811 ) page and/or email conf-plan at nasig.org
See you in Pittsburgh!
Denise Novak and Pat Roncevich 
Conference Planning Committee Co-Chairs
P.S. AND for fun here is a great [ article ]( https://popularpittsburgh.com/whatsinanh/ ) about why Pittsburgh has an “h” and is not spelled Pittsburg!
NASIG is an independent organization working to advance and transform the management of information resources. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate and improve the distribution, acquisition, and long-term accessibility of information resources in all formats and business models. Visit [  http://www.nasig.org/ ]( http://www.nasig.org/ ) for more information.
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