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Kathleen M Utschig utschigk at mtmary.edu
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I personally love my Mendeley. I started using it in grad school because I knew I could "take it with me" into my professional life. I also love that it feeds me citations that match my interests. I hope to develop an instruction session for upper level undergrads and introduce them to both Zotero and Mendeley. Not only will it help them develop better research management skills for their undergraduate research projects, but also give them a head start if they go on to graduate work.

Katie Utschig
Mount Mary University
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I’m a little surprised that no one has mentioned Zotero yet (unless I’ve just overlooked that). Zotero is free (open source and developed by an independent, non-profit org) and very full featured; in fact, I think it functions better than RefWorks.

We (meaning, the library) ended our subscription to RefWorks about three years ago in favor of supporting Zotero, mainly, but also Mendeley (this tool is somewhat more popular in some science departments). We’ve never looked back, and the money spent on it has been redistributed to obtain more research content for our users. In every instruction session or 1:1 meeting where I introduce faculty and students to Zotero, there is an aha, why-didn’t-I-know-about-this-before reaction.


Steve Oberg

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Good Morning ERIL-L,

We currently have a subscription to RefWorks and are looking at whether to continue it.  With all the free citation mangers out there, we think our researchers are using a wide variety of them.  Has anyone else subscribed to RefWorks and either decided to continue their subscriptions or canceled it?  Would you be willing to talk about your experience?

If you do not have RefWorks, do you supply a citation manager for your researchers?  Which one?  Do you supply support for any other citation managers?

Thanks –


Susan Wardzala

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swardza at luc.edu<mailto:swardza at luc.edu>


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