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We use Noodletools.  It is very affordable, easy to use, accurate, and in use from middle school through faculty writing projects.  We have had faculty members who used it extensively while writing articles and books.  Some students come in aware of the product from using it in high school.

It does not automatically import citations, which makes it more accurate, in my opinion.  It contains templates for numerous types of items that people need to cite in their writing in the 21st century, in the advanced grouping, which is what is appropriate for higher ed.  It also helps with in-text (parenthetical) citations.  And if a user, or librarian, has a question about a sticky resource that is hard to cite, they offer excellent technical support where they will actually provide answers to these thorny citation problems.  They stay up to date with the latest manuals.

Currently they support APA, Chicago/Turabian, and MLA.  I hope that they add a few more citation formats in the future if they can.

I have personally used Noodletools for over 12 years and have never had a problem with it.  I used it all the way through grad school, with reference lists that were complicated and lengthy.  I learned RefWorks in one of my grad programs, and I still use it some through my alumni account from that school, but I use it mostly because it can do the automatic import of citations, and it can also store PDFs with the citations.  When I need to actually cite my sources though, I will still use Noodletools, because I do not like to allocate the time that I would need to ensure accuracy with imported citations.


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We subscribe to RefWorks, have for many years, and have mostly finished the transition to "new" RefWorks.  We just decided to renew for the upcoming year. We are also in agreement here that if we decided to not renew, that would be a multi-year decision because of what businesspeople call the "installed base" problem - there are so many graduate students and faculty who are using it for multi-year projects, and we'd ideally want to give them time to finish those projects or provide a LOT of help converting their existing projects to a new platform. And of course we'd need to create a whole new instruction suite for training on the new system. Since we're chronically understaffed and no one has time for all that, it's easier to just stay where we are.
Someday we'll probably consider it seriously, but right now the soft costs of such a conversion would overwhelm us.

For what it's worth, it has gotten a LOT better since the ExLibris people took over support for it.

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Good Morning ERIL-L,

We currently have a subscription to RefWorks and are looking at whether to continue it.  With all the free citation mangers out there, we think our researchers are using a wide variety of them.  Has anyone else subscribed to RefWorks and either decided to continue their subscriptions or canceled it?  Would you be willing to talk about your experience?

If you do not have RefWorks, do you supply a citation manager for your researchers?  Which one?  Do you supply support for any other citation managers?

Thanks –

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