[Eril-l] Embedding videos in Brightspace

Brunelle, Mary H (Library) mbrunelle at assumption.edu
Mon Jul 29 10:30:15 PDT 2019

We are having a problem viewing all streaming videos from Academic Video Online (AVON), Docuseek, etc., when embedded in Brightspace off campus.  The videos embed and display fine on campus.  When the user is off campus, however, they see either an error message saying "the logon server refused to connect" (Chrome) or simply a blank white space (Firefox).

I thought this was an EZproxy problem, so I called OCLC Support.  I spoke with an awesome tech who believes it's a setting on our ADFS 3.0 logon server, which blocks logins in iframes (meaning, embed codes) for security reasons.  Because IT has no plans to upgrade to ADFS 4.0, it looks like we're stuck.

Has anyone else run up against this issue of embedded videos not playing off campus?  It feels like so many libraries would have this problem.  We're running Brightspace from D2L, EZproxy 6.2.2, and ADFS 3.0 as our institutional sign-on service.

Thank you in advance.

Mary Brunelle
Assumption College

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