[Eril-l] Bloomsbury metadata missing titles

J Siemon jsiemon2002 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 06:40:38 PDT 2019

The Bloomsbury open <year> eBook collections provided to the OCLC Knowledge
Base are lacking 33 Bloomsbury open access eBook titles.

The 33 open access titles are likely missing from other discovery services
and knowledge bases.

You may want to add these missing titles to your catalog, knowledge base,
and/or discovery service.

Here is a Google Doc spreadsheet, in KBart format, of the 33 missing titles.

This is an example of the need for library staff to check the metadata
provided by vendors, both collections you subscribe to and OA collections.
By comparing lists of titles from vendor's public web sites, with the
linking metadata they provide to catalogs and knowledge bases, I find tens,
sometimes hundreds, of titles missing, or incorrect data ranges for

I would hope that vendors would provide perfect metadata, but of course,
they do not.  So I hope many other library staff are checking for missing
titles, and reporting discrepancies.

I've sent support requests to Bloomsbury and OCLC for these titles; but
I've found that it often takes months for the metadata supply chain to be
corrected, among various vendors.

Thank you,

Jeff Siemon, M.Div., MLS  |  Professor, Electronic Resources Librarian  |
 Nicholson Library
Anderson University  |  1100 E. Fifth St, Anderson, IN 46012
library.anderson.edu  |  www.linkedin.com/in/JeffSiemon
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