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We’ve had this question pop up a few times in the past year, and found it was addressed in Kanopy’s support pages for librarians (https://help.kanopy.com/hc/en-us/articles/218375097-Do-Kanopy-videos-include-Public-Performance-Rights-).  It seems in line with what Frances said:

Viewing films in a group forum is permitted for all films for classroom viewings and most films for non-classroom group settings as long as the viewing is by authorized viewers and it is not for commercial benefit (i.e. no admission costs are charged and no profit is made from the screening). Please contact us direct and we will confirm if the film is available for a showing to a group forum.

I remember one situation where a student club asked about showing a Kanopy film at an off-campus event.  The club was affiliated with a religious organization, not the university, so the question of “authorized users” was too fuzzy.  Meanwhile, student clubs screening the films in on-campus meeting rooms seem pretty cut and dry (assuming they don’t try and sell tickets).

- Seth

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Hello – I am pretty sure that the Kanopy license doesn’t include public performance rights. It is fine for student clubs or groups to watch the movies as part of their activities, but if it is a public event then it may be violating the license.

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I, too, would like to see others guidelines and policies. Right now, we are focusing on faculty requests, but have had to tell students about this change while recommending they either search Kanopy for titles we currently have access to (including detailed instructions on how to do this) and recommending our physical videos and how to find those.

Jeanne Little
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Just catching up on emails from vacation.   We went to mediated on July 1st.  Communication was sent out to campus, faculty, liaisons, instructional design, etc.,   We will do another email send at the end of August beginning of September for Faculty.   I anticipate a busy September/October when faculty finally realize that things have changed.  Given the numerous emails I read from libraries going to mediated I anticipated (and was not disappointed) with various responses from faculty and students.

What I did not anticipate was the email from our Center for Student Involvement which works with our student clubs.  We were so focused on faculty and use in courses that we did not think about the fact that many of our student groups/clubs had been using Kanopy for various programs.   Since this use is not specifically course/curriculum related it does not fall under the new Kanopy mediated guidelines.    However, the use could still be in line with new student success and retention initiatives.   Discussion with our Dean and Student Services to follow.   If anyone has set up any guidelines for this type of use I would appreciate hearing from you.

-          Jan

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To go Along with Emma’s communication point – possibly consider making a special effort to contact your Instructional Design folks or whoever your campus has helping faculty put courses together in Blackborad or whatever system you use.  When we sent out our Kanopy going to a mediated mode “all faculty email” it did not get delivered/ passed along to those folks and we’re dealing with cranky faculty who had videos go away on them ☹  There are always cracks in any communication plan, best we can do is minimize the pain.

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We went to mediated mode earlier this year. We use the regular Kanopy request form and specify in our libguide what information needs to go in the "your message" box, such as course code or title for both instructor and student requests:

When we get a request without this information our media librarian responds with a basic "we are happy to purchase films from Kanopy that support the curriculum at Langara, please provide the course code for the class for which you are viewing this film or doing research." Many times when it is a student request we do not get a response, so it looks like mediated mode is working to curb casual viewing, as intended.

One interesting note that we are keeping an eye on though - all of the films we've purchased by student request except one have zero views, which is NOT the intent of mediated mode.

In terms of workflow when we made the switch -

Communication: I would reiterate the suggestion that having liaison librarians contact their departments in advance was very useful, but I would also say get the message out on as many other staff channels as possible. With LibGuides we can look and see how many views the Kanopy mediated mode guide has and where they came from, and many came from following the link in the various staff newsletters and from our library news page. We also updated the description of Kanopy in the library catalogue to explain mediated mode as part of access.

Timing: We made the switch at the end of one term leading into another and it was great timing.

Surprises: Be prepared for instructors to not know exactly what Kanopy IS: we got a lot of questions about streaming videos that are available on completely different platforms, or even questions about films that are on DVD. Make sure there is a contact person where instructors can direct questions like this.

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Amy, we are going the same direction (as I suspect many are!).  Heather, thanks for posting your workflows.  I’ve looked online for a form or template to use to get more information from requesters.  I found references to forms, and have sent requests asking for copies.  So if anyone has a form they are willing to share, that would be great!
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