[Eril-l] Innovative libraries and Shibboleth

Beth M. Johns bmjohns at SVSU.edu
Thu Aug 29 06:43:38 PDT 2019

Hi all --  mostly questions, and part rant.

We, being people at a higher pay grade than me, are considering moving authentication of our resources to Shibboleth which is used by other parts of our university in other (non-library) areas. Importantly, we (the library) would NOT be managing Shibboleth - that would be handled by the university's IT department, which gives me chills to be honest.

Currently we use WAM (yes, still -- I really, REALLY wish we'd move to EZProxy but that is another story and in the end, we may in fact just get EZProxy, if I have any say in that matter).  We are obviously keeping WAM and/or EZProxy because not all of our resources will allow Shibboleth authentication.

In any case, here are my questions -- (note - I am not a Shibboleth expert and really don't have that knowledge and skill in this area).

  1.  Are you an "Innovative library" using Sierra who also uses Shibboleth to authenticate users?
  2.  If so, did you need to purchase anything else to make Shibboleth authentication work with the library resources?
  3.  Did you encounter any issues with Sierra and Shibboleth or any of your resources and Shibboleth (those that allow authentication with Shibboleth)?

Anything else you'd like to offer is fine. I'm specifically looking for Innovative libraries, but if you use a different ILS, that's okay too, I'll take your comments as well. Thanks for listening!


Beth M. Johns, MLIS

E-Resources Librarian

Saginaw Valley State University

Melvin J. Zahnow Library

pronouns: she/her/hers
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