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Beth brings up an interesting point about the Journal A-Z list.    Our students don’t differentiate between a journal (such as JAMA) and a database or web page; it’s all the same to them.  Of course we try to enlighten them, but we find that adding major journal titles such as JAMA, NEJM, Nature, and Science to our A-Z list makes it easier for the students to find. Is this true for others?


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We don't have criteria, though honestly, I would like our database management in our AtoZ list to be more centralized. Liaisons are in charge of their "subjects" and though our database page re-make team provided guidelines, not everyone is following them.

We use LibGuides 2.0 AtoZ database list. Prior to that, we still used LibGuides (1.0), but it more of a home grown system. It worked -- but a lot of resources were added by an earlier LibGuide administrator that had no business being there, namely, individual journal titles. I think the idea was that this would make it easy for users to find (JAMA for example). I'm not sure why just using our journal AtoZ wasn't good enough, but it wasn't.

In any case, we don't do that now, except for one title (that I'm aware of) that snuck in. I may need to take action on this. 😉

We don't normally identify freely available databases as such, but we do include them. Homeland Security Digital Library, ERIC (we also subscribe to it through EBSCO), AGRICOLA, PubMed Central -- usually government databases. A few I have identified with the OA icon, but I'm also not sure that the public knows what that means yet. It might make a good survey question and opportunity for educating our users.

And Melissa -- yes, we list both the open access and subscription version if we subscribe to it. See ERIC and NCJRS.


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We tag our OA resources in our Springshare database list. We don’t have firm criteria – generally, if a liaison wants to link to something OA from a subject guide, we’ll add it to the DB list so we can maintain it centrally if links change, etc.



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" The database is open access and is considered a significant resource of wide interest"

Not to hijack the thread, but I would be very interested to know what such resources other university libraries would put in that category.

Does anyone maintain a list somewhere (aside from what's in your A-Z list of course) or does anyone who has a lot of these in their A-Z list have in their A-Z interface a mechanism for filtering for these so I could see what you include?

I occasionally stumble on a new such resource, and it makes me wonder how many more are out there that we haven't found and that would be useful to our patrons.

And related back to the thread and this issue of open access resources, do other libraries list databases twice if they are public AND licensed?

For instance, the ERIC education database is free through the US govt website, but we also have it available in EBSCOhost.

We list both versions in our Database A-Z, with an eye towards "lifelong learning" skills for our students.

And maybe that's the ONLY example out there, but if there are others, what do you do in terms of your Database A-Z?

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Here’s ours:

Database Directory guidelines


The Database Directory is intended primarily for licensed collections and tools.

Substantial open access resource datasets deemed to be of wide interest to Library users may be included, but specialised open access resources should be linked only at subject guide level.

Criteria for inclusion

• The database is licensed by the Library.

• The database is published by the Library or another University department and is designed for public use.

• The database is open access and is considered a significant New Zealand information resource.

• The database is open access and is considered a significant resource of wide interest that meets the Library’s collection management plan criteria.


• Monographs, and serials such as journals, are not generally given individual entries in the Database Directory. However an exception is made for major reference works (especially encyclopaedias) and sometimes for the archive of a single newspaper or periodical.

• Individual titles excluded from the Database Directory are candidates for linking to subject guides to assist promotion.

Final decisions

Final decisions concerning databases or titles that will be added to the Databases Directory reside with the Electronic Resources Manager.

Bob Pearson
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Digital Services
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What policies or criteria do you use to decide if an electronic resource belongs on your A-Z Databases page?

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