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Amy Lynn Fry afry at bgsu.edu
Mon Mar 19 11:06:10 PDT 2018

I love the bX recommender! I think it can be implemented better and I'm looking forward to future developments!

Very soon after we set it up, I had a chat reference question with someone who wanted full text of an article that was citation-only in Summon. It was on a very technical topic I did not understand and I did not know how to search for more articles like that one. So I used the bx recommender from the original article the person had wanted and linked through to full text of the first recommended one and sent it to the person and they said it was perfect, and I was like, cool!

I wish bX recommender pulled in more information about the articles it returns as recommended - it shows citations only, and you have to click through to full text if you want to see more about the article. Plus, because it does not take into account what you actually have access to before it presents recommendations, it can recommend things you don't have full text to (it uses 360 Link to link through to full text, so sometimes you get to your "no full text" 360 link page instead of the article). I also am not sure how much people are seeing it (the "related articles" link), and you have to click on it to get the recommendations to show up. Also we can't get stats on it, so I don't know if people are using it.

As a concept I love it and I would love to see it developed further and embedded more into Summon. I have realized that one thing library tools generally don't do that well is incorporate what people DO with search results into relevance ranking - instead, they mostly rank relevance by information about the item (title, subjects, full text, format). But paying attention to what people use (what they click on, download, check out) could really transform library research. The bX recommender is a step towards doing that. (Summon also incorporates WoS citation counts into its relevance ranking, which is another way of doing that.)

More bX Recommender! Also, Summon, keep it free for a while longer!

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We would also be interested to hear any input.

Thank you.

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Does anyone have any experience they'd be willing to share about ExLibris bX Recommender service?  We will not be able to trial it before we need to make a decision about subscribing, so I would appreciate any input anyone has.


Mary K. Van Ullen
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University at Albany
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