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We've had problems from EndNote bulk downloads, too. I do wish EndNote and similar services would address the issue from there end.


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We had it happen with ACS when our faculty were teaching students how to work with Zotero (or similar). ACS shut off the 2 IPS that were being used at the time. When we figured out who, and asked them what they were doing, we contact the department and encouraged them to also teach students not to select ALL their search results and download ALL in full-text.

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We recently had a publisher temporarily suspend access from one of our IP addresses due to excessive downloads. This is not the first time it has happened to us. EndNote is the primary culprit for this since it is relatively easy for users to set preferences to automatically import PDF or select an entire library and find full-text. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? And if so, have you been able to address it? An option to disable the auto import prior to rolling it out for download by end users would be ideal if that is possible.


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