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 *Last 24 Hours to register for this joint NISO-NASIG Event! *

*Library as Publisher: UX and UI for the Library's Digital Collections*

*Wednesday, March 14, Library as Publisher: Part Two*

*1:00pm – 2:30pm (EDT)*

Library as Publisher: UX and UI for the Library’s Digital Collections

Just how good (or how bad) are the Web-based interfaces encountered by
library users these days? Having invested in the creation of significant
digital collections, how can libraries enhance usage of those collections?
How do scholars and students (especially those working remotely) expect to
engage with this content online? What should the interfaces be designed to
support? Is there a baseline that has been established? What room exists
for innovation in the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)?

*Confirmed Speakers:  Rachel Vacek*, Head of Design & Discovery, University
of Michigan Library; *Salwa Ismail*, Department Head of Library Information
Technology, Georgetown University; *Daniel Tracy*, Library Information
Science & Digital Humanities Librarian, University of Illinois

Here’s what these speakers will be addressing:

*Title:* Challenges and Opportunities in Customizing Library Repository
User Interfaces

*Abstract:*  This presentation will dive into the ongoing challenges that
academic libraries often face when improving the user experiences of
out-of-the-box and open source repositories. Fueling the challenges are the
ambiguity and fast-changing nature within the field of digital scholarship
and the constant flux of technology platforms and tools. Fortunately, many
libraries are paying more attention to users’ motivations and responding by
designing user interfaces that support particular formats and contexts.
We’ll explore emerging opportunities with repositories in looking at how
far libraries should go in providing customizations to balance stakeholder
and user needs, and how to plan for users’ ever-shifting expectations.

*Title:*  A Life Well Lived: Looking Backwards and Forwards and Sideways
too: Exploring the Full Lifecycle of Institutional Scholarly Communication
at Your Library

*Abstract:*  This presentation will discuss the entire lifecycle of
scholarship from a digital perspective through the lens of an institutional
repository (IR). The focus will be on digital curation and creation of
digital resources and scholarship by means of an IR using automated
workflows, along with publishing content in DigitalGeorgetown (our
multi-campus IR and digital collections platform) and integration with our
vendor subscribed e-resources.  We’ll discuss open source tools that have
been deployed in the creation of packages for upload and will also touch on
our streaming services integration for audio and video files.  The
presentation will then delve into integration with and into other
processes: ORCID, Sherpa-Romeo, embargos and such. The automated
integration with workflows for bagging into APTrust (digital preservation
repository), will also be shared. Access and discovery which has been
enhanced using schema.org microtags and integration into discovery
platforms such as Summon, which increases the responsiveness in web-scale

*Title:* So Many Interfaces, So Little Time: The User Experience of Ebooks
in an Academic Context

*Abstract:*  This talk provides an overview of some recent research into
user experience of ebooks in an academic context. In particular, it
highlights challenges users face in the context of multiplying interfaces
for electronic reading. Users do not necessarily see ebooks as more
convenient if platforms fail to fulfill some minimal expectations. However,
good platforms for delivery of ebooks can minimize the distance between
"using" and "reading" ebooks observed in some research.

To register just for Part Two of this two-part webinar, use this form

To register for *both* segments of this two-part webinar and gain access to
the recording of the preceding half broadcast on March 7th *as well as*
attend the live broadcast on March 14th, use this form

Note: Remember that NISO offers a variety of registration options. (NISO
Library Standards Alliance (LSA) members automatically receive access to
both sessions of this two-part event.  You can check your institutional
membership status here <http://www.niso.org/about/roster>.) Non-members of
NISO may register for one session or for both at a packaged rate. Access to
an archived recording of the event is always included in your registration
fee, regardless of membership status.

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