[Eril-l] Nexis Uni - share your experience

Melissa Belvadi mbelvadi at upei.ca
Thu Mar 8 05:48:48 PST 2018

We in Canada have been waiting for the US rollout of Nexis Uni (the
replacement interface for LexisNexis Academic) for awhile and are now being
asked if we'd like it this May or next May.
We really hate LNA but haven't had any chance at all to see Uni even as a

So those of you who already have it, can you please share what you think of
In particular, is it stable, or are there still functionalities
broken/unimplemented or are they still changing major aspects of the
interface mid-year?

In short, if we don't have a lot of time to keep re-training people, is it
stable enough that you'd recommend that we ask for it this summer or wait
another year?

Melissa Belvadi
Collections Librarian
University of Prince Edward Island
mbelvadi at upei.ca 902-566-0581
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