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I seem to recall hearing the opposite, that ProQuest wanted to work with EBSCO but EBSCO wouldn’t budge. I guess it depends on who you talk to. Wish they’d get over their conflict, because we have many databases from both companies and I assume this is the case for many libraries.

We’re shopping for a new ILS and discovery layer; and we’re not happy that most viable discovery layer options will exclude one company’s databases or the other. (We’re not considering OCLC’s WorldCat-related system because we want control over local records – we have a lot of people doing cataloging here and a lot of unusual/unique items).

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It doesn't exist. The two companies are competitors, to say the least. What I've heard from EBSCO (we have EDS) is that they've reached out to Proquest to try to work out some kind of metadata sharing agreement but that Proquest has refused to talk with them about it.  I haven't heard Proquest's side of the dispute. But for now the two companies have absolutely no agreement in place to share each's proprietary metadata with the other's discovery service.

At best you can at least select the holdings for all of Proquest's full text/media content (or almost all) in EBSCO's holdings management, so that if there is metadata from another source available in EDS, the "full text" limiter will know you have it and you'll have links to get to it.

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Does anyone use a discovery tool that will fully load metadata from both Ebsco and ProQuest and search both of them?

We have great content from both Ebsco and ProQuest and would like our students to be able to find the content from both vendors in one search.  We currently use the Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS), which works well for us, but it cannot load ProQuest metadata, so the only ProQuest resources that show are the links out to full-text if an article was indexed in another covered database but was available in full-text in ProQuest.  Unique ProQuest content does not display in EDS.  As I understand it, the reverse situation is true in ProQuest’s Summon tool (Ebsco content is not searched).

Our EbscoHost Integrated Search (EHIS) tool also does not seem to search ProQuest, even though the integrated search tool performs a search against other databases, rather than storing and indexing metadata from each.

I thought I’d tap the collective wisdom to see what others have that might get around this problem.



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