[Eril-l] Is this data collected by anyone?

Harper, Cynthia charper at vts.edu
Mon Aug 20 13:26:02 PDT 2018

Hi - I wonder if anyone has collected information on how libraries have responded to the restrictive usage limitations on the ebook offerings from Proquest and EBSCO?

If not, I'd like to do an informal survey off-list on these questions:

  *   Did you stop subscribing or never subscribed to these products because of the restrictive usage limitations?
  *   Did you have trouble with individual user authentication, and did you find a satisfactory solution, or did you stop/never subscribe because of authentication problems?

I know you'll think "where has she been?", but I'd like to have some data points to say that x% subscribed to these 4 years ago, and y% are now subscribing.

I know DRM-free is coming from EBSCO, but will that solve the authentication problems for libraries who primarily use WAM proxy?  Our campus IT encouraged us to think we'd be able to switch to OpenAthens this year, but that is apparently not going to happen yet, so I kick myself for never having signed up for EZproxy (I instead thought we'd go straight to OpenAthens).

Please reply off-list to charper at vts.edu<mailto:charper at vts.edu>

Cindy Harper
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