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Nicola Poser nposer at redlink.com
Fri Aug 10 05:37:20 PDT 2018

Dear all:

We've seen a couple of interesting queries about our functionality this
past week and wanted to offer some clarification to the larger list, since
we've addressed the immediate questions directly with our customers.

The core purpose of Library Dashboard is to harvest a customer library's
COUNTER reports via automated feed to save the library the time and effort,
ingest them into the Dashboard, aggregate and normalize them, and make the
data available to that library 24/7 through an easy-to-use interface with
data analytics and visualization tools.  These tools allow libraries to
compare usage data and cost data across products, providers, disciplines.
etc., and easily spot trends and changes over time.

Library Dashboard does not provide access to the raw COUNTER reports,
although it is possible to export images of the data visualizations and
Excel reports from the Dashboard.

However, having heard from libraries that a central portal to access
multiple raw COUNTER reports would be useful, we have been building a SUSHI
service in RedLink Network, which is an affiliated public benefit company
founded by RedLink.  Access to RedLink Network is free to publishers and
libraries.  This service is being built out and will offer access to
reports from more publishers this Fall.  As a relatively new company, our
goal is to be responsive to the needs of the library community.

One of our customers asked this group about dealing with COUNTER reports
from discovery services in addition to the reporting from the databases the
discovery layer surfaces.  We would be very interested to hear how the
library community addresses these questions, as well.

Thanks very much,


*Nicola Poser*
Managing Director
Redlink, Inc.
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