[Eril-l] Primo and "classic catalog"?

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Hi, Courtney!

Ditto Tulane's comment.  This is how we are set up at the University of Kansas http://lib.ku.edu  Copying our Voyager/Primo expert in case there's more to it.

- Angie
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Hi Courtney,

The Tulane library has a classic catalog interface with Voyager and use Primo for discovery - http://library.tulane.edu/.  With Alma, there is no classic catalog interface, so if you want one you will have to build it:)


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Good evening,

At my library, we are in the early stages of preparing for a migration to Alma/Primo. Currently, we have Millennium and maintain both EDS and a "classic catalog" for discovery. Based on what I have heard/read, it sounds like the concept of a "classic catalog" is fairly incompatible with Primo.

In response to a question from my director, I'm wondering if any Primo libraries out there also maintain a traditional OPAC or "classic catalog"?

Thank you in advance for any information!



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