[Eril-l] Anatomy.tv usage statistics discrepancy

Vidas, Chris cdvidas at bsu.edu
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Hi Jon and Tina,

We purchased permanent access to Primal Pictures (via Stat!Ref) several years ago.  We have also noticed a decrease in usage, but it is probably closer to a 10-20% decrease from 2016 to 2017 which is a far cry from the plummet mentioned by Jon.  I too would be skeptical of such a dramatic decrease in a single year unless Primal Pictures was only being taught in a single course that is no longer offered.

In any case, our drop in usage makes us hesitant to invest a large amount of money into the "upgrade" that they are now marketing for a resource that we had intended to be a one-time purchase.  I trust our usage numbers, but even without the drop, usage is low enough to make it difficult to justify an additional expenditure, especially that may be recurring every few years based on the future "upgrades" that the vendor mentioned.


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Hi Jon,

We subscribe and are not sure whether to believe our stats either. We used to have access via an Ovid portal but that is no longer the case and the Primal Pictures has sent me the Jan-Sept stats for 2017. They say there is no stats portal for me to access the stats myself. However, the "logins" for us are actually quite high. Our problem is that we are on an older version of Primal Pictures that uses Flash which is now basically not working on newer browsers so the flash video content is not working off-campus and is only kind of working on campus. Primal Pictures is trying to sell us the HTML5 "upgrade" but I too am leery of the validity of the reports. Do you have the Flash version of Primal Pictures? If so, could that be causing the decrease in your stats, if users have stopped using it because the videos aren't loading?


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Are there any other Anatomy.tv subscribers on here? We're seeing a huge discrepancy in our usage statistics from 2016 to 2017 (93% decrease). Curious if others saw anything similar, or the problem is somehow unique to our account.

Either way it makes me seriously question the validity of their reports. We subscribe direct through Primal Pictures.


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