[Eril-l] ACS IP block redux (EndNote)

Donley, Leah donley at bnl.gov
Fri Jan 6 06:47:46 PST 2017

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for your email.  The idea of putting a notice in Serials Solutions is one I hadn't thought of (even if it's just a text note).  We currently have a general note about use of electronic content on almost every page of our website, which covers copyright and excessive downloads, etc. but we are considering putting something specific near the ACS and possibly EndNote links on our website as well.  One frustration, which I don't see a way around, is knowing that many of our users access content directly from google or direct links (not originating from our website), but we can at least cover the avenues we can control.  It's also something we can mention individually to users when discussing EndNote and perhaps in library orientations as well.

I had a response off-list that mentioned an option in EndNote to "Automatically Invoke Find Full Text on newly imported references", which can be unchecked, so that is another thing users may be unware of.

Our procedure when something like this occurs is pretty similar to yours.

Thanks again,

Leah Donley
Research Library - Building 477
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Email: donley at bnl.gov<mailto:donley at bnl.gov>

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Hi Leah,

This is an issue that we repeatedly have to address with a number of publishers.  Most recently, our access to APS journals was suspended because a user was mass downloading all papers on a given topic via EndNote, although we have definitely experienced similar blocks from the ACS (who seem to be a little more trigger happy than other publishers, it seems).  Our procedure when an IP block occurs is to work with Cyber Security to identify the user(s) that triggered the block; we then contact the user and the user's supervisor informing them that IP access has been blocked because of activity on their machine, that excessive downloading is a violation of our license, and to contact us to discuss their activity.  Sometimes the reason is innocent or unknown to the user - in one case, it was because a researcher was carrying around a laptop, and every time it jumped wireless networks, it registered as a re-download of the article; in some cases, it is ignorance of the fact that it is a violation of our license; however, in a very few, it has been more malicious mass downloading, and I have heard tales of individual users being blocked from library resources for such activity (before my time).

Regarding ACS, at one point this had become a frequent issue, so before the Serials Solutions upgrade, I added in some JavaScript to warn users when they attempted to access ACS materials with a pop-up lightbox:

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D26800.3D473050]

Hope this helps!


Bryan G. Deziel, MLIS
Discovery and Digital Resources Librarian
Argonne Research Library,
Argonne National Laboratory
bdeziel at anl.gov<mailto:bdeziel at anl.gov>
(630) 252-3876

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We've had a couple of issues with ACS concerning excessive download IP blocks although not associated with the EndNote feature you're referencing so I can't speak to that part.  However, when we asked for more information concerning their excessive download threshold for blocking an IP address, we were told that the "downloading rates that trigger blocks are too rapid for any human to achieve."  I hope this helps.

Thank you,


Todd Wallwork
Catalog Librarian, Resource Acquisition & Discovery
University Libraries
The University of Alabama
Gorgas Library 400C
Box 870266
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
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Subject: [Eril-l] ACS IP block redux (EndNote)

Hello everyone,

We've had two instances in the past week of users triggering ACS' excessive download IP block via EndNote's "Find Full-Text" functionality.

Are you aware of a certain number of downloads that triggers the block with ACS?  For example, one of our users employs this feature in EndNote on a regular basis, usually downloading a few articles at a time (not a problem).  The IP block occurred when they had a problem with their EndNote account and lost all previously downloaded articles, and then attempted to replace the missing articles all at once.  So I know the problem lies somewhere between downloading a handful of articles and hundreds...

Is ACS the only publisher that is sensitive to this?   We do on occasion have IP blocks from other publishers, but these two incidents are the first time they've been connected to EndNote (that I'm aware of).

How are your institutions handling this?  I'm not sure yet how to advise our users on "Find Full-Text" in EndNote.  I don't want to unnecessarily scare them from using functionality that is useful, but of course want to protect ourselves and educate as much as possible.  I did some googling and some institutions advise against even using the functionality and others caution against using it for "too many articles at once", and include a warning against  "excessive downloads".  What are you saying to users and where are you posting/saying it?

Leah Donley

Leah Donley
Research Library
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Email: donley at bnl.gov<mailto:donley at bnl.gov>

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