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"Show me the money: Growing grants-related services in the library" Webinar


Thursday, 2/23/2017


To meet the evolving needs of researchers on our campuses, as well as the growing financial need within our communities-at-large, libraries are increasingly providing grants support to their diverse constituencies. Examples include workshops, online guides, and consultations tailored to research, creative, or nonprofit interests. Grants support facilitates (and necessitates) collaboration with stakeholders on campus and in the community, and expands the vision of the library as innovator and partner. Join us to learn about ideas you can adapt at your institution.

To meet the evolving needs of researchers on our campuses, as well as the growing Throughout the academy, colleges and universities are struggling to find ways to meet increasing demands for financial support of research and creative projects. Grant-seeking is becoming a more common practice in the lives of faculty and students during a time in which budgets are shrinking but quality research and programmatic offerings are paramount. In addition to campus research offices and grants development officers, university libraries provide essential grant-seeking support to their campus communities, from proposal writing resources to funding databases to online guides.

In addition to the academic community, university libraries are partnering with regional libraries and nonprofit organizations for programmatic offerings. Grant-seeking support provides an opportunity to work in tandem to meet the funding needs of our communities-at-large, as well as our overlapping missions of public service, education, and outreach. Working with key stakeholders both on and off campus, libraries at the University of Michigan and the University of Maine have designed a suite of grant-seeking workshops and online guides targeted to a wide range of constituents.

These include:
-faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students from all disciplines and in both in-person and virtual settings
-community nonprofits seeking funding for programs and operations
-students and parents seeking financial support for college

This webinar will consist of a panel discussion among three librarians who have provided grants support in the past or are currently providing grants support to a range of constituencies.


By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  *   Pinpoint resources of interest to diverse grant-seeking communities.
  *   Identify potential partnerships for grant-seeking support and instruction on campus and in the community.
  *   Identify workshop ideas that can be adapted at other institutions.

Learn more <http://www.ala.org/rusa/onlinece/grants-related-services>

Register online<http://www.ala.org/Template.cfm?Section=olweb&Template=/Conference/ConferenceList.cfm&ConferenceTypeCode=X>

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