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Nikki and others,

This is a situation that cries out for more clarity, that’s for sure. I genuinely wish to know the answer – this is not mean to be argumentative at all. Here’s my understanding:

The original microfilm version of the NYT faithfully reproduced the original, yet. That microfilm formed the basis for creating the digital version, also yes. But my understanding was that after the Tasini case, in the digital version, articles and other materials that were problematic from a copyright perspective were removed. Also, microfilm produced subsequent to that case no longer faithfully reproduced the original in its entirety – in other words, stuff was excluded that was problematic.

Those libraries that had microfilm holdings that were produced prior to the Tasini case were “safe” in that they still held material that faithfully reproduced the original.

Again, that’s been my understanding for a very long time, and if that’s incorrect, or there are important missing details, I’m glad to be corrected. I did some quick searching around for sources for either your understanding or mine, and I didn’t come up with anything definite just yet, so I remain curious.


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Hi all,

I think the presence/absence of freelance articles, ads, etc. is down to the presentation in the database (and how the source was licensed).  In the case of PQ's NYT Historical database, they've actually reproduced the original microfilmed pages in their entirety.  This gets around the Tasini case because the articles aren't removed from the context of the collective work and also happily means that ads, letters, and even features like the crossword are present.  Full text databases, including some of PQ's other newspaper databases, that do not feature a full "page view" PDF and just have the text of the article, are the ones to be careful about when withdrawing print/film.

As always, do your homework and check carefully.  I just did a search in our PQ NYT Historical and found an article by Jonathan Tasini himself, complete with an ad for the Helmsley Palace (comparing it to the Taj Mahal--how delightful).

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On 12/11/2017 12:04 PM, Steve Oberg wrote:

Yes, indeed there are differences. As I understand it this is due to the Tasini case, for one thing. So those libraries that threw away their microform holdings in favor of ProQuest Historical Newspapers access are in for a bit of a surprise.


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We have recently purchased the New York Times perpetual access through ProQuest Historical Newspapers.  Has anyone experienced redacted articles, articles, pictures etc. that were not available on the page or issue view?  Are there ads, articles, pictures in the microfilm that are not in the online version.

Thank you!


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