[Eril-l] NYT Direct Site License v. Aggregator access

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Hi Lauren,

We have had a campus site license to NT Times direct on the web since 2014.  Individuals have to register.  Cost is based on our user population size, and billing is through our state consortium on a Center for Research Libraries license.  NYT refers to it as an “educational account”.   Patron access details are here:  http://libguides.dickinson.edu/specialaccess/nytimes

It is very popular and used in some courses.  But we agree, it is not ideal for historical research, so we also maintain our ProQuest historical NYT subscription.

- Best, Theresa

Theresa Arndt
Assoc. Director for Library Resources & Administration
Library & Information Services
Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA
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Apologies if this is an off-topic post on this list, but I’m looking for advice or experiences anyone might have had with a direct New York Times site license as opposed to access through a platform (e.g., ProQuest).  We have some interest from faculty in acquiring a site license directly through NYT so that we would get access to additional NYT video/media content not available through our aggregator/platform access.   We also have some concerns that the search functionality available on NYT is lacking for research purposes and that the inability to integrate access with our discovery layer / link resolver (Primo/Alma uResolver, in our case) would reduce access to content.  Anyone have experiences using NYT directly and have any insight into potential concerns?  Please feel free to reply off-list, and thanks!

Lauren Magnuson
Head of Collection Management and Technical Services
California State University, San Marcos

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