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We concur with Kanopy over ASP for the reasons cited below. It is our go-to source for single video titles – if a particular title is not yet available streaming on any platform, you can contact Kanopy and they will look into acquiring rights to provide it. Kanopy’s PDA model is also very useful, if you find that your streaming video needs increase. http://www.lilrc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Kanopy-PDA-Overview.pdf


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We have streaming content on both platforms. More recently we have favored Kanopy over Alexander Street Press. We have recently had some quality problems on the Alexander Street Press platform. One title had pixelation issues when viewed that was disruptive enough that the faculty who requested it felt he couldn't use it in his class. The second title we recently licensed only showed the top portion of the subtitles when the film was viewed. You could see the full transcript to the right of the screen, but the subtitles being displayed within the film itself included about 1/3 of the text that should have been displaying. Kind of quirky:-)

Kanopy also has quirks sometimes, but their customer service has been fairly responsive and our experience has been that problems have been resolved pretty quickly (e.g. within 24 hours). Now that ProQuest has purchased Alexander Street Press it's possible that they may have more resources to troubleshoot and resolve problems.


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Don't forget to think about accessibility - especially in regards to captions/subtitles.  What is the quality of the captions/subtitles for each?

Kanopy provides captions - if the video does not have captions, then they have a quick turnaround response time with captioning, and they provide options to make the captions bigger, smaller, different color, etc., which is great for those with different visual needs.
We once had an Alexander Street subscription for a collection, but we dropped it cuz they only provided transcripts, which our students didn't like.


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Hi – I’m about to order our first streaming video title. This will be a single 3-part series title, and it’s available from Alexander Street Press or from Kanopy.  I thought I’d ask this list which platform you prefer.  The price on Alexander Street press for this particular series is about 3 times that for Kanopy for a 1-year streaming license.

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