[Eril-l] Serials Solutions 360 Link vs WMS Discovery

Steve Oberg steve.oberg at wheaton.edu
Wed Feb 24 09:27:51 PST 2016

At this time we currently use and support SFX as well as WMS. We have no plans to change at this time, for a variety of reasons. The answer might differ in a few years. I’d mention that of the two KBs, I find SFX superior to WMS. The two are supposed to be an apple to apple comparison, but they are really not that at all — more like apple to orange. I think it’s important to understand this. I have no experience with Serials Solutions 360 Link but I do know that what’s in SFX KB isn’t necessarily what’s in WMS KB and vice versa. And in particular, the ways in which each is maintained by the vendor, the design of how they work, and how a local administrator can manage them are all very, very different. One simple example of what I mean is if you have a particular collection (e.g. PsycBOOKS) in WMS KB, and also the same collection (it’s called ‘target’ in SFX speak) in SFX, you cannot therefore assume that they have the same content — they don’t. There are significant differences in coverage.


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Thank you for the responses! Our records are being pulled today (5 pm) for migration, so we are truly just now moving to WMS. I think some are just stressed about the upcoming changes. We've had our current ILS for almost 15 years and Serials Solutions for 10 years (I think). The cost savings of using WMS instead of a combo of an ILS and Serials Solutions is significant, which is why most of us figured that Serials Sol was part of the plan.

After sending out the message, I found a demo video of the Link Resolver (and created our link from the instructions and tried it out). Seems to function nicely.




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