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I am always down for ramen!

If you don't mind a walk and a wait, Franklin BBQ is worth it for the experience: https://franklinbarbecue.com/

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And eat at Ramen Tatsu-Ya, either south or north location.

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Great list of must dos Sarah!

Chris LeBeau

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All of the things everyone else said AND

1. Make conference friends.
2. Hire a taxi and head down to South Congress.
3. Eat at Guero's Taco Bar.
4. Try on boots at Allens Boots.
5. Buy boots $$$.
Also, be sure to eat at The Clay Pit!
Miss all of your ER&L faces! I'll be back someday when I'm back in the office more often than I'm on a playground with my kids!


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I've never been to ER&L, either.  I've heard good things about it, though, so I'm sure it'll be worthwhile.  I am actually a co-presenter with a few of my colleagues, but I'm not able to go to the conference.  (Miracles of modern technology!)  I have been to other conferences, though, large and small.

When I am preparing for a conference:
I watch for names I recognize in the presenter list, when that comes out.  I watch for people on the listserv talking about stuff that piques my interest, or that I might be able to contribute to their information gathering.  I write them all down, and why I want to talk to them.

Then I start e-mailing them a few weeks before the conference to find out if they are going, and if we could talk about (insert interesting stuff identified).  Then I make plans to meet up - during the opening reception (if there is one), breaks, maybe for dinner.  It's easier to talk to someone if you've made contact before, and then they will be looking for you, too.  At a networking event, I helped our group find another group we wanted to talk to just by asking random people if they knew anyone from that consortium - sure enough, we found each other!

Also say hi to people you sit next to in sessions, at meals, at breaks.  Even if you're shy - they are all there for the same reasons you are, so you already have stuff in common.  If they are shy, they will be relieved you initiated the conversation.  Think about dinner plans early in the day.  If you find yourself with a fun group of people, or one person you've enjoyed chatting with, ask what they're doing for dinner.  They are very unlikely to turn you down, and if they already have plans with colleagues, they will invite you along.

Bring business cards if you have them.  I like to keep some handy in my conference badge necklace thing - also a great place to keep meal/event tickets if you have those.  If you get business cards from someone, write a keyword or two on the back so you know why you might want to talk to them again someday.

Also, for keeping track of what you learn - I got this from Jamie Matczak, (at the Nicolet Federated Library System here in Wisconsin) - a nice "quick-and-dirty" note form for conference sessions, and I use it in sessions with good ideas and practical applications.  It helps you focus on how you could use the information.

It has three questions on it:
What do you hope to gain from this event?
What are you going to bring back?
What can someone else use?

I am also a crazy woman when it comes to my schedule, and I make my own schedule spreadsheet.  I like to see all my top choices and 2nd choices in one place in front of me.  It's totally nerdy and weird, but I find it helpful.  I put everything on it from leaving home to getting home, and everything in between - who I am meeting and where, meal times.  Check it against the program schedule, though, in case something got moved on you.

If you are an introvert, make sure you carve out a little downtime to not talk to anyone in the evening.  Bring a good book, watch trashy television, and recharge your batteries!  You will be VERY TIRED when it's all over.  And yes, stay at the conference hotel.  It's so nice to be able to nip up to your room for a breather or to get something you forgot during a break.

Also, pack a scarf or two - a lifesaver in a chilly room or after a coffee accident!


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Hi, everyone.

Do you have any pointers for a first time attendee of ER&L?

Thank you,


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