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Steve has pretty well summed up what I was going to say. We need to push back on vendors to be truly COUNTER compliant (if their content is able to be “counted” in that way) and encourage SUSHI participation as well.

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We heavily rely on SUSHI here at Wheaton and have setups running for about 40 different vendors, but:
·         after all these years, it is still sometimes fraught with difficulty in setting up and maintaining in your ERM (we use CORAL)
·         SUSHI is nowhere near universal so yes, we still have to manually download many vendor stats
·         COUNTER is great but SUSHI implicitly relies upon homogenous reports and frankly, some vendors claim COUNTER compliance but their reports aren’t really compliant
I think SUSHI remains promising but I am quite frustrated that it can be difficult to coordinate setup for a variety of reasons. Just because a vendor offers SUSHI reports does not mean it’s straightforward to get it going. Sometimes there are significant hurdles to overcome to get it working properly. And perhaps most importantly, it has not reached anywhere near the saturation point in terms of vendor provision that COUNTER has.

These are some off-the-cuff responses.


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Good morning, collective wisdom.

Here at Rollins College, we currently collect e-resource usage data from each platform manually and keep track of our stats with spreadsheets.  We are interested in exploring SUSHI as a complement/alternative to our current methods.

What is your experience with using SUSHI for e-resource stats collection?  Do you find it to be an effective and time-saving tool?  Do you still have to manually collect stats from vendors who aren't SUSHI-compliant?  Is it worthwhile?

And moving beyond SUSHI, is anyone out there using SUSHI harvesting in collaboration with LibInsight for e-resource stats collection and analysis?

Would you be willing to share your thoughts?

Thank you,


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