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Hi Erin,

We use EBSCOnet Usage Consolidation here, which allows us to use SUSHI to collect usage data. However, I still have to use an Excel spreadsheet, because so many vendors are not COUNTER compliant. I have found that SUSHI is not super helpful as of yet. Some vendors say you can collect their usage using it, but then it fails to work. And you can only use it with compliant vendors or course, so you have to go in by hand for everyone else. I'd say try to use it if you have a tool that can manage it for you, and if you only need to collect stats from compliant vendors. But I think it has a long way to go before it's truly a time saver.

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Good morning, collective wisdom.

Here at Rollins College, we currently collect e-resource usage data from each platform manually and keep track of our stats with spreadsheets.  We are interested in exploring SUSHI as a complement/alternative to our current methods.

What is your experience with using SUSHI for e-resource stats collection?  Do you find it to be an effective and time-saving tool?  Do you still have to manually collect stats from vendors who aren't SUSHI-compliant?  Is it worthwhile?

And moving beyond SUSHI, is anyone out there using SUSHI harvesting in collaboration with LibInsight for e-resource stats collection and analysis?

Would you be willing to share your thoughts?

Thank you,


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