[Eril-l] Job Opening for a Business Services Associate: Join our Spectacular Staff at SCELC!

Donna LaFollette dlafollette at scelc.org
Fri Feb 12 13:48:39 PST 2016

SCELC <http://scelc.org/about>, a library consortium based in Los
Angeles, is looking for a skilled, enthusiastic information specialist
particularly adept at working with both libraries and vendors. While the
Business Services Associate handles licensing of resources in various
electronic formats, the emphasis of this position is on e-journals.

SCELC is a non-profit library consortium that negotiates the licensing of
electronic resources on behalf of over 250 libraries. Our offices are
located in downtown Los Angeles, in The Oviatt
an art deco landmark, and we have a small, dedicated staff of eight, who
take pride in our reputation as being accomplished, friendly, and fun!

*Job Summary*

Under the general supervision of the SCELC Director of Financial
Operations, provide substantial support in managing the e-resource
licensing operations of the SCELC office.

*Duties and Responsibilities*

1.             Manage quotes, orders, and renewals of e-resources
(emphasizing e-journals) in accordance with license agreements and
deadlines. This includes establishing new purchases and subscriptions for
libraries, ensuring access with vendors, and working with vendors and
subscription agents to perform renewals accurately.

2.             Provide information on and clarification of e-journal
package contents and licensing terms.

3.             Work with libraries and vendors to resolve ambiguities and
errors related to license addenda for e-journal vendors, and process
approval of addenda and vendor order forms expediently.

4.             Process invoices from vendors for all e-journals,
communicating with vendors, libraries and SCELC management to resolve
issues in accordance with deadlines.

5.             Invoice SCELC libraries for electronic resources, membership
dues and administration surcharges. Export resulting invoice data from the
SCELC internal operations database (“WISDOM”) into QuickBooks Online.

6.             Investigate and resolve issues presented by vendors or
libraries, particularly regarding acquisitions and invoicing. In doing so,
communicate and consult with libraries, vendors, and SCELC staff.

7.             Create reports from WISDOM for use by libraries and vendors
as well as internally within SCELC.

8.             Assist SCELC staff in maintaining administrative and
membership records, database subscriptions, and prospective database
subscription files, both in paper and online in WISDOM.

9.             As a member of the Business Services unit, perform annual
renewals of e-resources by updating pricing models within WISDOM,
confirming subscriptions with vendors and in WISDOM, and resolving customer
service queries.

10.       As a member of the Business Services unit, produce Master Renewal
Order Forms for annual distribution to members. Manage the additions,
cancellations and the revisions resulting from member responses to each
Master Renewal.[DL1]

11.       Work with SCELC committees as assigned.

12.       Contribute actively to the organization through feedback and
suggestions regarding the workflow, procedures, and systems used at SCELC.

*Job Requirements*

   1. Ability to utilize analytical skills to solve problems and to adapt
   and work with exceptions as they arise.
   2. Ability to organize and file in both physical and digital formats.
   3. Ability to use various applications and programs, such as QuickBooks,
   Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.
   4. Ability to follow guidelines and instruction while meeting deadlines
   and working with extreme attention to detail.
   5. Ability to work independently, and to work effectively and
   collaboratively with SCELC staff, SCELC committees, libraries, and the
   vendor community.
   6. Provide friendly and clear communication, verbal and written, to
   SCELC clientele and vendors.

*Qualifications and Specifications*

1.         Preferred degree: MLIS or equivalent, or at least three years of
related library or library vendor experience.

2.         Demonstrated effective interpersonal, verbal and written
communication skills, particularly related to problem resolution.


*To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Donna LaFollette, Director of
Financial Operations at SCELC: dlafollette at scelc.org
<dlafollette at scelc.org>*
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