[Eril-l] Ticketing systems for eResources

Platkowski, Melissa platkowm at uwgb.edu
Fri Oct 23 11:46:40 PDT 2015

Sorry for the late response - but I've been using OneNote for this.

I have OneNote and a spreadsheet that indexes the problems and lists their status.  But I am using it for more than just e-resources.  I'm using it for all the troubleshooting I do, on all our systems.

It's not super robust and fully formed yet, since I just started doing that this summer (and what a wild summer it was!).  I did also use a survey to report issues when we went live with Alma this spring - hence the wild summer.

I am using it only for internal tracking and cross reference to any support issues for our own campus - I do not keep it up to date with the back-and-forth, but I will add the resolution if/when it comes.  Our consortium uses Redmine project manager for bigger, system-wide things.
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At UCF the eResources Support team uses a combo of email, LibSurveys, and a home-grown ticketing system on the intranet. Tracking is cumbersome but it is functional.

I’m curious if anyone uses OneNote to track problems and coordinate troubleshooting. And, if so, how they implemented it and whether it works well.


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I'd be interested too or will just wait for Kelly's article. :)

We're just using email currently, though we are pretty small. It works -- though I'd like to use a better system to track recurrent problems. I've tried the homegrown way of just creating a spreadsheet but that became cumbersome as well.

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Hi folks. I know there have been a couple of different rounds of conversations on this listserv about implementing Ticketing Systems for eResource troubleshooting and management. I’m currently writing an article on this topic for the new “Problem Solved” column in Serials Review. I’d be interested in talking to anyone who thinks they have a well-functioning system and would like to tell me a little about it. If you’re interested, please contact me off-list.

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