[Eril-l] package renewal dates

Karen Jensen kljensen at alaska.edu
Fri Oct 23 12:32:39 PDT 2015

This may not be the best list for this subject, but it's been such a great,
active list with lots of ideas shared, that I'm going to start here.

I wonder if any libraries out there have worked to get all or most of their
electronic package renewal dates to come up during the same month of the
year, in order to create more predictable accounting, keep the staff
schedules the rest of the year for other activities, minimize the number of
interruptions from vendors, etc. In other words, work toward prorating or
other means in order to get renewal dates changed to concentrate the work
of renewals. I ask because our personnel cutbacks and reduced hours have
forced us to look for any possible improvement in efficiency; we all have
more to do and need to streamline how we do it. I wondered if someone else
has done this and if they have tips for proceeding.


Karen Jensen
Collection Development Officer
Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
kljensen at alaska.edu
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