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Lynda Howell lynda.howell at uvm.edu
Wed Jun 10 11:44:32 PDT 2015

Hi Sarah,

If you have some level of comfort working with XML, you may want to try 
requesting an XML Export of your entire site (under Modules -> Images & 
Backups Module) and then manipulating that to create a spreadsheet of 
database links with the URLs, subject categories, and whatever else you 
need.  Exporting the list limits you to what Springshare makes 
available, but once you've got the XML you have all the information and 
just have to make sense of it.

Making sense of the XML is definitely more easily said than done! 
Especially if this is something you might need to do repeatedly, though, 
it may be faster in the long run than 807 individual copy and pastes.

Good luck!

-- Lynda.

Lynda Howell
Dana Medical Library
University of Vermont

On 6/10/2015 2:15 PM, Sarah Miller wrote:
> Hi,
> Our library uses Libguides to maintain a list of databases that is 
> searchable and can linked from within guides.
> The only difficulty I have noticed is reviewing the list of databases. 
> If you export the list, the URL and other defining information 
> including subject categories and icons that may indicate whether the 
> database is a paid subscription are not included in the spreadsheet. 
> I've asked Springshare to upgrade the export to include this type of 
> information, but I doubt it is a priority for them.
> A number of years ago, one or more librarians were adding dozens of 
> free, online resources to our library's database list. I'm now sifting 
> through a list of several hundred databases that are not mapped to any 
> guide, meaning they only appear to library users when they are viewing 
> the full list of databases alphabetically or are returned as a search 
> result when some searches the list. In the course of my review, if I 
> want to link out to the database to determine whether it should be 
> included in the list of databases, I have to click an icon, then copy 
> and paste the URL into a browser window.
> The public user interface is friendly, but it's taking to some effort 
> to sift through and narrow our list of 807 "databases."
> Hope this helps!
> -Sarah
> Sarah Miller
> Reference Librarian
> AOK Library & Gallery
> University of Maryland Baltimore County
> On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 1:51 PM, Pennington, Buddy D. 
> <penningtonb at umkc.edu <mailto:penningtonb at umkc.edu>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I am curious to know if any of you are using libGuides CMS
>     (http://springshare.com/libguides/cms.html). Specifically, is
>     anyone using it to manage their database listings? We are using
>     LibGuides for guides, but we use Innovative ERM for database
>     listings, which means there is a disconnect between updating ERM
>     and updating the databases the librarians list on their individual
>     guides.
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